EnergyNet's Expertise

Generating Data-Driven Exposure to Renewable Energy A&D

EnergyNet has joined forces to with Enerdatics to provide advisory services in the acquisition and divestiture of renewable energy projects across any development stage.

Our team of professional industry and market analysts generates data-driven insights to proactively find, reach, and introduce the perfect-fit investors to your project.

Benefits of Our Process For Sellers

  • Increased Exposure

    Asset and project listings receive dedicated webpages, with exposure to over 48,000+ registered and financially prescreened buyers.

  • Expansive Marketing Outreach

    Our multitiered marketing approach utilizes print and digital advertisements in industry media outlets, press releases, email campaigns, and targeted personal communications.

  • Knowledgeable Renewable Energy and Transaction Professionals

    EnergyNet's 25+ years of experience transacting multicommodity assets is combined with Enerdatics' team of renewable energy industry experts, creating the most qualified team to assist with your A&D needs in the segment.

  • Complete Customization to Fit the Seller's Needs

    The EnergyNet online platform is tailored to complement and enhance your existing divestiture process. Full invoicing services, various funds collection and escrow options, and customized reporting are available.

Benefits of Our Process For Buyers

  • Renowned Buyer Support

    First-time buyers that are unfamiliar with our site or the sale process have available support from the full EnergyNet team.

  • Search and evaluate properties across multiple sellers on one platform

    Buyers may view and assess various offered project listings 24/7.

    Registered Buyers may opt-in to receive notifications for an area of interest and have access to secure internet data rooms with information on specific offered projects.

  • Simple and secure bidding process

    Buyers enjoy peace of mind via our secure portals for live auction bidding or proposal uploads.

EnergyNet's Value Proposition

With over 25+ years experience helping our clients get the best deals for their oil and gas minerals and royalties, we have earned the trust of the oil and gas industry.

National Exposure | Timely Sales Cycle | Market Knowledge | Competitive Bidding | Success-Based Commission

EnergyNet has more than 48,000+ registered, financially qualified buyers from all 50 states, with many unique buyers participating monthly. The broad buyer participation results in increasing revenue for the seller. Opportunities are available for review and bidding year-round; our continuous marketplace offers constant liquidity to sellers.

EnergyNet's extensive history successfully selling over 315,000+ transactions allows us unparalleled market knowledge. The marketplace provides an accurate value assessment in a dynamic market, tracking sales metrics on a consistent and frequent basis with property sales across the United States. We work on a success-based commission only. If your property does not sell for the price you want, we do not get paid. EnergyNet wants what you want: the highest possible value for your property and a closed deal.

We have a platform and sale process that consistently works.

Established Track Record

  • 25+ year history
  • 48,000+ registered, financially qualified buyers
  • 24/7/365 marketplace
  • $10B+ in oil and gas property sales
  • 315,000+ transactions closed
  • Sales success rate of 84%
  • Trusted to sell oil and gas minerals and royalties by Major Oil Companies, Banks, Trusts, Universities, and Individual Mineral and Royalty Owners

Flexibility and Convenience

EnergyNet offers an easy-to-use oil, gas, and other commodities auction and sealed bid transaction service that facilitates the sale of producing working interests (operated and non-operated), overrides, royalties, mineral interests, leasehold, and other contracts. EnergyNet is a continuous online marketplace with due diligence and bidding available 24/7/365, where auctions and sealed bid packages close weekly. Most of the properties EnergyNet sells typically range in value from $1,000 to $250MM.

Our tech-enabled platform allows clients the flexibility and convenience of conducting their acquisition and divestment activities online.

The EN Renewables team is available to answer any questions!


Gus Rivero

Chief Ventures Officer

Gus Rivero assists governments, institutions, business, and individuals to divest, lease or fund renewable energy projects, oil and gas, real estate, and other commodities via the EnergyNet online platform.

He began working for EnergyNet in 2007 as part of the Technical Services department. In 2011, he joined the Government Resources group, and has been leading it since 2018. Under his leadership, the Government Resources group sold over $3 billion across 30+ commodities for 25 government offices.


Anastasia Brooking

Vice President of Strategic Development

Anastasia Brooking works with governments, institutions, business, and individuals assisting them with the divestiture, leasing or funding of their renewable energy projects, oil and gas, real estate, and other commodities via the EnergyNet online platform.

She joined the EnergyNet team in 2018 as an analyst for the Government Resources department. Her market and regulatory research work greatly contributed to the development of new service offerings, enabling EnergyNet to become the broker of choice for over 30 commodity types including real estate.


Heather Fugger

SVP of Client Advisory Services

Heather Fugger brings to EnergyNet 20 years of high-level C-Suite administrative experience, highlighted with recent years focusing on contracting administration. She holds a certification from the National Association of Legal Assistants for Contract Administration and attended the University of Maine. Heather joined EN in July of 2017.

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