Due diligence and the EnergyNet VDR

Performing due diligence is a critical component of EnergyNet's online marketplace. We are excited to offer the most comprehensive and accessible due diligence information in the industry. Learn about Energynet's online due diligence information and the EnergyNet Virtual Data Room (VDR) here, plus tips that will aid your due diligence research.

Property Information Pages

Every property sold in the EnergyNet continuous online marketplace has a "Property Information Page" that contains a wealth of due diligence information. This information is organized in a format that is standard across the EnergyNet website in order to assist with your due diligence research.

Property information pages contain the following information:

  • Lot Description
  • Production charts, graphs and tables
  • Monthly revenue/expense tables
  • The property information sheet prepared by the seller

The property information sheet also links you to the EnergyNet Virtual Data Room (VDR), which contains copies of original documents submitted by sellers, including agreements, check stubs, drilling reports, historical production curves, logs and well data, maps and plats, and much more.

Data packages for each lot are available on the property information pages for free download, or can be purchased printed and bound for a reasonable fee.

The EnergyNet VDR

The EnergyNet Virtual Data Room (VDR) provides a simple interface to access all a wealth of due diligence data from one screen. You can browse through individual pages, multi-page documents and multiple document sets all from the same interface. Intuitive controls allow you to view lists of documents, thumbnails of pages or both at the same time. When documents are presented in a variety of file formats, you'll be able to switch between formats through a simple drop-down menu. You'll also have the ability to fill your entire computer monitor with pages and the minimal controls necessary to navigate through them, putting more due diligence information on the screen than ever before.

Accessing the VDR

You access the VDR by clicking and of the "View" links in the Virtual Data Room section of the property information page you are viewing.

Click any link to access the VDR

VDR Overview


Navigation Menu (#1)


  • Current File: Download the current file
  • PDF Data Package: Download the PDF data package. This document contains all of the data pertaining to this lot that is viewable in the Virtual Data Room (VDR).
  • All Digital Files: Download all digital files. This ZIP file contains any additional files available for download in the VDR.

Show/Hide Files toggle Toggle the file list on the left

Show/Hide Images toggle Toggle the file thumbnails on the right

Tooltips toggle Toggle the tooltips that appear when you hover over the file list


  • Property Information: Go back to the Property Information page
  • Visit IDR v1: View the old Internet Data Room page

File List (#2)

List of all files associated with the lot and property.

File Images (#3)

Thumbnails of all viewable files associated with the lot and property

Current File (#4)

When possible, the current file will be displayed in this section.

Adobe Menu (#5)

Additional menu for PDF-specific commands.

Search: Search contents of PDF

Ellipses Menu

  • Download PDF: Download current PDF
  • Print PDF: Print current PDF

Information (#6)

  • Viewing File: The current file name
  • Viewing Lot: The current lot information

Quick Navigation (#7)

  • First: View the first file in the list
  • Prev: Go back one file in the list
  • Next: Go forward one file in the list
  • Last: View the last file in the list