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PHDWin is a full-featured economic and decline curve analysis program that offers evaluators a tool that combines an intuitive interface with sophisticated functionality. This increases the overall efficiency of the evaluation process, allowing you to spend more time finding opportunities. Additionally, PHDWin seamlessly integrates with PHDRMS enabling PHDWin users to take their evaluations to the next level.

What PHDWin Can Do For You

Calculate Economics

Flexible modeling available for almost any country including U.S., Canadian, and International assets. Before and after tax calculations are included. Cases can be projected in any volume convention and economics reported in the volume and currency convention of choice. Take advantage of our advanced modeling for prices, expenses, taxes or royalties. A common models file stores pricing, expense, tax and royalty models. Sophisticated ownership modeling allows for automated group reversions and multiple ownership decks.

Forecast Production

Our graphics module is unsurpassed in its ease-of-use and quality of output. Economics results are displayed immediately on a graph after any modification. Decline curves are easy to manipulate using auto-fit and drag and drop features.

Estimate Reserves

Companies need to know how much they have already produced, how much is left to produce, and the total estimated economic recovery. PHDWin can provide all this and more!

Report Results

PHDWin provides over 60 reports to report your project with presentation quality layouts and graphics. Roll-ups and summaries are easy to define and automate. Make informed business decisions based upon Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Return on Investment.

Create "What-if" Scenarios

View the economic results associated with an increase or decrease in prices, expenses or reserves. Running "what-if" scenarios are quick and easy. Sensitivities and Risk Analysis Risk Tree models the probability of success for cases and dependencies.

Overall Benefits of PHDWin

Maximize Efficiency

No other system manages the entire evaluation process more efficiently. PHDWin will automate processes requiring manual manipulation in any other system. The ease-of-use and powerful global editing features are unsurpassed. PHDWin will speed up the decision making process placing your company ahead of the competition.

Reduce Risk

The best decisions results from the best modeling. PHDWin offers the most sophisticated and flexible reservoir and economics modeling. Why settle for anything but the best decisions? Reduce company risk with PHDWin.

Reliable and Consistent Results

Trusting reserve and economic results is vital to any company. This is why leading operators, financial institutions, consultants and A&D firms trust PHDWin.


No matter what your company size or modeling situation, PHDWin will meet your needs. Large databases spanning the U.S., Canada, and international markets are easily supported and currently being modeled. Multiple installation and licensing options are available to meet your company's unique needs now and in the future.


Seamlessly populate company information from any data source including internal or third party company databases directly into PHDWin.

Superior Support

TRC Consultants, LC recognizes its success is completely dependent upon the success of our clients. TRC recognizes this can only be achieved by providing the best possible product and support on an ongoing basis. TRC is defining a new level in client satisfaction and support.

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