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Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Financially qualified buyers enjoy the fact that all the information needed to evaluate an opportunity is at their fingertips. Sellers of non-operated AFE wellbore divestments, and other commodities, receive full value by fully exposing their opportunity to over 45,000+ financially qualified buyers and making those buyers compete to own the assets.

Our platform connects buyers and sellers to create full exposure and maximize liquidity in the market.

EnergyNet's Value Proposition

With over 25+ years experience helping our clients get the best deals for their divestments, we have earned the trust of the oil and gas industry.

National Exposure | Timely Sales Cycle | Market Knowledge | Competitive Bidding | Success-Based Commission

EnergyNet has more than 48,000+ registered, financially qualified buyers from all 50 states, with many unique buyers participating monthly. The broad buyer participation results in increasing revenue for the seller. Selling your AFE with EnergyNet can be customized to fit your timeline and divestment needs. Opportunities are available for review and bidding year-round; our continuous marketplace offers constant liquidity to sellers.

EnergyNet's extensive history successfully selling over 315,000+ transactions allows us unparalleled market knowledge. The marketplace provides an accurate value assessment in a dynamic market, tracking sales metrics on a consistent and frequent basis with property sales across the United States. We work on a success-based commission only. If your AFE does not sell for the price you want, we do not get paid. EnergyNet wants what you want: the highest possible value for your property and a closed deal.

We have a platform and sale process that consistently works.

Established Track Record

  • 25+ year history
  • 48,000+ registered, financially qualified buyers
  • 24/7/365 marketplace
  • $10B+ in oil and gas property sales
  • 315,000+ transactions closed
  • Sales success rate of 86%
  • Trusted to sell oil and gas minerals and royalties by Major Oil Companies, Banks, Trusts, Universities, and Individual Mineral and Royalty Owners

Flexibility and Convenience

EnergyNet offers an easy-to-use oil, gas, and other commodities auction and sealed bid transaction service that facilitates the sale of producing working interests (operated and non-operated), overrides, royalties, mineral interests, leasehold, non-operated wellbore opportunities and other contracts. EnergyNet is a continuous online marketplace with due diligence and bidding available 24/7/365, where auctions and sealed bid packages close weekly. Most of the properties EnergyNet sells typically range in value from $1,000 to $250MM.

Our tech-enabled platform allows clients the flexibility and convenience of conducting their acquisition and divestment activities online.

The Sales Process Described

EnergyNet pioneered leveraging an online sales process to maximize value for oil and gas minerals and royalties. Each year, EnergyNet offers over 2,000 individual oil and gas property packages for sale to the market, and we successfully transact and close over 86% of them for prices that are acceptable to the sellers.

The EnergyNet AFE process is set up to take less than 10 days or can be customized to fit your timeline. After the seller makes the decision to list their AFE with EnergyNet, they provide a short list of required information to the EnergyNet team. After receipt, EnergyNet will have the lot ready for review and approval by seller within 2 business days or less.

Once the AFE is active on EnergyNet's AFE platform, the property is actively marketed and offered to our buyer universe of over 48,000+ financial qualified investors. During this process evaluation materials are available for buyer review. All offers will be sent to the seller for review as they are received to provide ample time prior to election due date. At the conclusion of the listing, the seller will select a winning offer.

What Our Clients are Saying

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your professional and knowledgeable staff for catering to our selling needs. Not being in the regular business of selling oil and gas properties, we were in need of an adaptable broker to provide guidance, professionalism and superb customer service. You made a highly successful sale a reality at a price exceeding even our expectations. We are extremely pleased with our decision to choose EnergyNet as our broker.

Micah J. Malouf, General Counsel, Office of Institutional Advancement, Texas Tech University System

EnergyNet's 4-Step Sales Cycle

  • Listing

    Please contact one of our representatives to walk you through the simple process. We will ask that you provide the following:

    1. Three consecutive check details or statements from each paying company.
    2. Copy of Deed, Assignment, Division Order or Estate Inventory with property descriptions.

    The professionals at EnergyNet will use the information you provide to create a thorough and complete due diligence package to present to prospective buyers. The presentation will include area maps, historical production, nearby drilling and permits, and other operators/drillers in the surrounding area.

  • Marketing

    Once your due diligence data room presentation is complete, our marketing team notifies our universe of qualified buyers about the opportunity and encourage them to access the evaluation materials. We personally contact area operators and investors who have purchased similar interests in the past. Due to our extensive history, we possess a treasure trove of transaction data that allows us to pinpoint the buyers most likely to pay the most for your interests.

  • Bidding

    The Seller will be provided the offers submitted, as they are received, for an expediate decision process. There is no automatic sale trigger. The Seller can choose to move forward with an acceptable offer, or reject all offers.

  • Closing

    Upon the submission of all offers, and once an offer is accepted, we invoice the winning buyer per the terms and price accepted. The buyer will then wire the funds into EnergyNet's escrow account. Once the funds have been received in full, EnergyNet sends you the net proceeds and file the conveyancing documents or as agreed upon per the offer accepted.