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Good listing of properties!

Gilbert Riojas

EnergyNet is on top of their game.

Clay Evans

Quality properties listed.

Michael Sale

Great people to work with.

Wesley L. Sullivan

There is an ease of completing transactions with EnergyNet.

Peter Loeffler

EnergyNet is a very flexible company. I'm very impressed.

Russel Spencer

EnergyNet has a long history of successful oil and gas transactions.

William Dutcher

I've had a very nice experience at EnergyNet. The people are very helpful.

John Schumann Jr

I recommend EnergyNet all the time.

Kevin Grubbs

The most streamlined buy & sell site in the Upstream Energy Sector. Friendly, helpful and professional.

John Hoffman

EnergyNet is easy to use and I get to bid on good properties.

Steve Hadaway

I have bought and sold via EnergyNet since the company was founded.

Peter Pochna

EnergyNet's site is designed for ease-of-use for setting up and selling a lot.

Jared Jung

EnergyNet's site is very easy to navigate and the information is well put together.

Stetson Hall

It took me a while to get used to online sales, but now EnergyNet works for me.

Robert Michael

EnergyNet is a great market for properties. It is an efficient process and I've always had a great experience.

Daniel Griffith

I've had a great history with EnergyNet and fulfilment of agreements.

J Sponsler

Super easy, reliable transactions at a perfectly fair price. Your staff are always readily available to assist and go above and beyond to help. Over the years, I've bought amazingly great properties on EnergyNet. Thank you so much for your service!

John Frank Raizen

Way better than the idea of flying to as location to bid live in person.

Alan Wu

The EnergyNet group is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The bid volumes have been fantastic.

Rich Decker

EnergyNet gives great access to the market for buying and selling.

Robb Miller

EnergyNet is a transparent, convenient buy/sell platform.

Mark Allen

I have always found EnergyNet to be the go to place to acquire oil and gas properties.

Don Skotty

EnergyNet is the only legit option for transacting these types of unique energy assets.

Gregory White

EnergyNet is great to work with. They are a very professional group with a background of success.

Hugo Cartaya

EnergyNet makes it so easy to purchase properties online.

Robert Starrett

Everyone has done an excellent job throughout this process and implemented our changes as they were submitted without any delays. Thanks for your help...

Lawrence Rhodes, Wagner & Brown

John: Thank you for your and Energynet.com's efforts in listing and selling my oil and gas property. Your customer service was impeccable-calls always quickly returned and emails always quickly answered. The entire process was seamless and professional. On top of all this, my lot sold for 36% more than the reserve, with plenty of bidders. Thanks again for your and your company's efforts and professionalism.

William C. Bell

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your professional and knowledgeable staff for catering to our selling needs. Not being in the regular business of selling oil and gas properties, we were in need of an adaptable broker to provide guidance, professionalism and superb customer service. You made a highly successful sale a reality at a price exceeding even our expectations. We are extremely pleased with our decision to choose EnergyNet as our broker.

Micah J. Malouf, General Counsel, Office of Institutional Advancement, Texas Tech University System

When our family tried to sell our late father's mineral rights, we spent three months looking for private buyers, but could find no one willing to buy the royalty rights at anywhere near their assessed value. Discouraged, we decided to try for an oil and gas auction to sell them, as our Dad's estate settlement required that we sell them fairly promptly.

We reached out first to Oil and Gas Asset Clearinghouse and EnergyNet at the same time. We decided initially to go with Clearinghouse because of their big NAPE sale. However, we withdrew with disappointment when we found outthrough the grapevine, not directly from them!that their much-publicized February NAPE auction had been canceled. We then turned to EnergyNet.

Hunter Burdick in Denver and the folks at the Amarillo EnergyNet office were great to deal with! They were friendly, accessible and prompt at returning phone calls and emails, and very encouraging that the auction would yield the results we hoped for. Most importantly, they acted quickly to make up for our lost time: they quickly assembled our data, made our paperwork accumulation as easy as possible, and had our auction up and running in less than a week.

Although our fingers were crossed, we were absolutely floored when the auction results came in: We received 33% more than our best private offer, and well over the valuation figure we had aimed for! We are overcome with gratitude and admiration for these folks, who helped us keep the faith and propped us up through periods of doubt.

We highly recommend using EnergyNet. Their responsiveness, professionalism, thoroughness, attention to detail, and well-laid-out web presence makes them the auction venue of choice!

Marji and Billie Sue Schumann

Thank you once again for your invaluable assistance in selling some royalty interests I owned in Texas and Oklahoma. Being a layman I had no idea in how to go about trying to sell royalty interests. Since I met you at your booth at one of the PPROA meetings I read your information and decided to sign up with EnergyNet to represent me. It was the best thing I could possibly have done.

As soon as the properties were listed I began to receive copies of the bids that EnergyNet was receiving. Over the three week period, bidders had looked at the properties and I received a large number of bids far exceeding the amount that I had hoped to receive. One property in particular was a non-producing interest which I did not have much hope for selling at all, but the price received greatly exceeded my fondest hopes.

Your professionalism and communication with me leads me to highly recommend your company to anyone who may wish to sell or buy mineral properties.

John R. Skaggs, J.E. Skaggs Living Trust

Thank you again for the invaluable service that you and your co-workers provide exploration and production companies. For your information, the proceeds from this sale will be used to put more Americans to work and drill part of many more wells (that may sell on Energynet.com at a later date). Highland Exploration, LLC considers Energynet.com a strategic partner in our efforts to accomplish our business goals. We applaud Energynet.com for hiring and retaining no nonsense individuals who make it all happen behind the scenes.

When it comes down to the re-investment of America's oil and natural gas industry: Energynet.com is helping to develop new resources that re-power the nation.

Clay Gatlin, Highland Exploration, LLC

Let me introduce myself, my name is John Monych I want to write a brief email and praise your company and especially one of your managers Michael Baker. I am a small royalty owner with many properties with small royalty interest in them. I wanted to sell a couple units in the Barnett Shale and was given the name of Michael Baker thru one of my friends in the business and I couldn't have been more pleased with the meeting.

From the very introduction of himself until the units were sold Mr. Baker has handled every aspect with the utmost of skill and professionalism. He kept me informed weekly and was available to answer any and all questions I had throughout the process. As for your company it was everything he said it would be, the setup and description along with all the diligence you put forth was more than anyone can ask for. Its nice to know in today's markets with energy prices falling the way they are that you have a company with great employees like Michael Baker that go the extra mile for your customers. I will definitely use your service again and refer you to everyone I know! Thanks again for your service, its has definitely been my pleasure."

John Monych - Royalty Owner

"My client just bought 3 lots of San Juan Basin properties. I was in West Virginia at the time and the bidding really got aggressive. I just wanted to let you know they really like the process and the ease of which it is to buy properties. It seems like we negotiate a deal it takes forever and they never get closed. This way it is decisive and the package is already put together."

Olen Wilson, Project Manager - Crown Exploration, Ltd.

"We are actually astonished at the results of the auction; as far as we're concerned you're running a great service."

Sally Sievers, Executrix - Estate of Caroline Sievers

You guys are efficient and great to work with indeed.

Neal Stover, Vice President - Northern Trust

"I would like to thank you for all your help. It's a pleasure doing business with you and with EnergyNet. It's very nice doing business with a company that knows what they are doing. Everyone I've spoken with has been very knowledgeable and helpful. It's rare, but very appreciated to find such excellent customer service in all aspects of a company."

Liz Nelson, Land Tech. - Greenstar Resources Operating, L.L.C.

"Gentlemen, What an incredible idea you have for buying and selling oil and gas properties through your program. To date, I have bid on six properties and have purchased two. I couldn't believe how easy it was to log-in and start bidding. I never dreamed that I would see something as professional and exciting as this method of buying properties could be. In the past, I attended a couple of live auctions and swore I wouldn't do that again. They were expensive and time consuming, not to mention the confusion and hassle. Thanks for making it possible to participate in your auction and allowing many of us to observe and interact with many in the industry."

Joe C. Richardson, Texas Oil & Gas Pioneer

"Innovative. Convenient to use from any computer. EnergyNet.com is a great service and extremely easy to work with. This is the most effective and efficient way to buy properties that I have seen."

Veteran Auction Attendee

"I found the properties easy to review - with sufficient information to make an analysis and decision. The bidding process is easy to understand and use. I am looking forward to using energynet.com in the future. One of the best internet auction engines."

Denver Buyer