Benefits of Our Process

  • For Sellers

  • Increased exposure

    An offered property listing receives dedicated webpages, with exposure to over 48,000+ registered and financially pre-screened buyers.

  • Expansive marketing outreach

    Our multi-tiered marketing approach utilizes print and digital advertisements in industry media outlets, press releases, email campaigns, and targeted personal communications.

  • Complete customization to fit the seller's needs

    The online platform is tailored to complement and enhance your existing process. Full invoicing services, various funds collection and escrow options, and customized reporting are available.

  • For Buyers

  • Search and evaluate properties across multiple sellers on one platform

    Buyers may view and assess various offered property listings 24/7. Registered Buyers may opt-in to receive notifications for an area of interest and have access to secure internet data rooms and related privileged information on specific offered property listings.

  • Simple and secure bidding process

    Live auction or sealed bid secure bidding systems.

A technology based platform for real estate and land sales

  • Flexible, Comprehensive Implementation

    The EN Lands & Realty team works with businesses, institutions, individuals, and government agencies to ensure compliance with their existing guidelines.

  • Renowned Buyer Support

    First time buyers unfamiliar with our site or the sale process have available support from the full EN Lands & Realty Team.

  • Instant Auction Notifications

    Buyers are notified as changes to an active auction occur, increasing engagement and improving auction results.

How to Participate

  • Complete the quick and easy Account Creation

    Create an account in seconds.

    Register for an Account
  • Establish a bid allowance

    Submit your bank information and request a Bid Allowance via the Buyer's Homepage.

  • Bid on private sector or government offered properties

    To participate in government offerings, navigate to the Government Listings page and click on the corresponding "Register" button.

The EN Lands & Realty team is available to answer any questions!


Gus Rivero


Gus Rivero serves as President of EN Lands & Realty, bringing 15 years of online auctions and marketing experience. Gus also holds the position of Chief Ventures Officer at EN, where he works to assists governments, institutions, businesses, and individuals to divest, lease or fund real estate, renewable energy projects, oil and gas, and other commodities via the EnergyNet online platform.

He began working for EnergyNet in 2007 as part of the Technical Services department. In 2011, he joined the Government Resources group, and has been leading it since 2018. Under his leadership, the Government Resources group sold over $3 billion across 30+ commodities for 25 government offices.


Anastasia Brooking

Vice President

Anastasia Brooking is the Vice President of EN Lands & Realty, and also serves as Vice President of Strategic Development for EN. She works with governments, institutions, businesses, and individuals assisting them with the divestiture, leasing or funding of their real estate assets, renewable energy projects, oil and gas, and other commodities via the EnergyNet online platform.

She joined the EnergyNet team in 2018 as an analyst for the Government Resources department. Her market and regulatory research work greatly contributed to the development of new service offerings, enabling EnergyNet to become the broker of choice for real estate and over 30 commodity types.

Tate smith-web

Tate Smith

Program Manager

Tate joined EnergyNet as a Program Manager on the Government Resources team in 2023. He has over 10 years of experience in land administration and project management.

Prior to EnergyNet Tate served as the Conservation Director at the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust where he permanently conserved 18,000 acres of Wyoming ranchland and sourced over $30 million in federal, state, and private grant funding. He also worked for the Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments as the Mineral Leasing Supervisor. In that role, Tate and his team managed the 3.9 million acres of state trust mineral resources and a portfolio of over 3,000 active oil and gas leases. Tate graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2012 with a Bachelor's of Science in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management.