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Please read this information carefully before completing the registration form below to proceed with your registration as a buyer.

Users may register to participate either in EnergyNet's auctions for oil and gas interests, or in Government Listings. In accordance with SEC and FINRA regulations, users who wish to participate in non-governmental auctions are required to certify that they are accredited investors and their industry experience. Users who are unable to meet these requirements may not proceed with registration.

To register to view auctions, you are only required to complete this registration form.

If you wish to register as a buyer, or if you register as a viewer and later wish to participate in bidding, you will be required to agree to the EnergyNet Buyer's Agreement to Purchase Properties and submit your bank information to apply for a bid allowance. You may submit your agreement or bank information any time after completing this registration process by logging in and following the instructions on your Buyer's Home Page.

Please note: Due to SEC regulations, you may be restricted from bidding on lots that began their due diligence period prior to your account registration. These restrictions do not apply to EnergyNet's government sales; government sales may be subject to agency requirements detailed at the time of your registration for each sale.

The information you provide here will be used along with your bank information and information you provide on the Buyer's Agreement to establish your bid allowance. EnergyNet reserves the right to deny your registration or application at its sole discretion. For information regarding the types of information we collect and the implications to your privacy, please review our detailed policy in our statement on the Privacy of Consumer Financial Information.

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Requires financial qualification, consent to Buyer's Agreement and established bid allowance before placing bids. Participation in Government Listings also requires consent to Bidding Terms Agreement and individual sale group terms.

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Government Listings Only

Requires consent to Bidding Terms Agreement and individual sale group terms. You must establish a bid allowance before placing bids. You may upgrade your account for All Auction Listings later if you wish.

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