About EnergyNet

What is EnergyNet?

EnergyNet highlights a user-friendly platform for conducting oil, gas, and other commodities auctions and sealed bid transactions. This service facilitates the sale of various interests including producing working interests, overrides, royalties, mineral interests, leasehold agreements, and other contracts. Operating as a continuous online marketplace, EnergyNet offers due diligence and bidding opportunities around the clock, every day of the year, with auctions and sealed bid packages closing weekly. The properties listed on EnergyNet typically span in value from $1,000 to over $250 million. Leveraging technology, EnergyNet provides clients with the flexibility and convenience of managing their acquisition and divestment activities entirely online.

A key focus of EnergyNet is on delivering exceptional customer service within the realm of oil, gas, and commodity transactions, combined with the adaptability of an Internet-based platform.

EnergyNet prides itself on providing a marketplace for oil, gas, and other commodity transactions focusing on both customer service and the flexibility of an Internet platform.

Our home office is in Amarillo, Texas with additional business development and technical team in Houston, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Midland, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Denver, Colorado; and Kansas. Please see our contact information page for detailed information about our business development team.

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Our Services

We are the leading online marketplace:

  • EnergyNet employs an Internet platform enabling a worldwide marketplace
  • EnergyNet has more than 25+ years of experience conducting efficient online oil, gas, and other commodity auctions/transactions
  • EnergyNet offers a range of services beyond the auction, including sealed bid, negotiated sales, state and federal lease sales, farm out placement and private placements

EnergyNet offers a range of advantages for our clients, including:

  • Place a property for sale when it is convenient for you
  • Let potential buyers bid and re-bid or make offers for a week, a month or a day, etc.
  • The structure of the sale is your choice

Customer Service:

With over 25+ years of expertise, EnergyNet excels in showcasing properties through online auctions, sealed bids, and negotiated sales. Allow us to assist you in determining the most effective method for presenting and divesting your properties through EnergyNet.com. Our team is ready to provide support.

Additionally, our services encompass technical evaluations, escrow of sales proceeds, and the recording of conveyancing documents.

  • Listing - Connect with our team and provide key documents like check details, property descriptions, etc. We'll craft a comprehensive due diligence package highlighting maps, production history, nearby activities, and more.
  • Marketing - EnergyNet Offers Access to the Entire Marketplace of Potential Buyers. We attract over 1,000 name brand buyers, ensuring broad exposure for your listings. We reach a wide range of well-known buyers, including the top 250+ public E&P companies, the top 250+ private E&P companies, and over 500 private equity-backed E&P firms. Additionally, our platform engages private equity sponsors, further expanding your potential buyer pool. EnergyNet connects with an extensive network of over 48,000 buyers, encompassing both well-established and lesser-known entities. Our outreach extends to regional O&G companies, royalty aggregators, investor groups, international buyers, institutions, funds, and high net worth individuals, ensuring comprehensive exposure for your listings.
  • Bidding - To bid on properties, ensure you have an active Buyer account and have agreed to the Buyer's Agreement (or Lessee's Agreement for Government Lease Sales) on your Buyer's Homepage. You also need to maintain an adequate bid allowance for the lot you wish to bid on. Track bidding status from the bid page or property information page. Your Buyer's Homepage displays a table titled "Recent Bids and Offers" for your reference. Bid updates occur instantly across the EnergyNet site, but you must refresh your browser to view current results over time, as the information displayed reflects the last page load or refresh.
  • Closing - The EnergyNet Conveyancing team ensure seamless transactions by efficiently filing all necessary paperwork with the appropriate government offices or entities.
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