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  • View property listings
  • Place bids on properties up for auction (Requires acceptance of the Buyer's Agreement and submission of banking information - all done securely, online.)
  • Participate in Government Listings (Requires acceptance of the Bidding Terms Agreement and individual sale group terms.)

Be sure to review the buyer registration guidelines and requirements. When you're ready to proceed, click below to get started.

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Ready to register as a Seller? Registered Sellers can:

  • Market and sell your properties to qualified buyers who are active in acquisitions and investments

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General Registration Information

EnergyNet is a marketplace for oil, gas, minerals, geothermal, solar, timber, agricultural, and real estate leases, sales, and negotiations for qualified buyers and sellers.

You must register as a Buyer to view EnergyNet's listings and auctions for properties other than the Government Listings. Government Listings can be viewed without registering a Buyer account. In order to place bids, the Buyer's agreement (or Bidding Terms Agreement for Government Listings) must be submitted. Before bidding, you must also submit bank information to obtain a bid allowance. You do not have to submit a Buyer's Agreement and bank information unless you want to place bids.

EnergyNet runs sales continuously, so if you don't find a property that interests you today, be sure to check back because the availability is always changing.

Buying and Viewing Properties

If you want to buy or lease properties or view available properties, you need to register as a buyer. You will complete a registration to establish an account and begin viewing properties. To be eligible to bid you must also complete the EnergyNet Buyer's Agreement which qualifies you as a buyer, then submit your bank information in order to establish a bid allowance.

If you are bidding/buying for an entity other than yourself, you must provide a Power of Attorney form which can be recorded for each county where you expect to purchase properties. The power of attorney should be in the following format: (Click Here).

You may review EnergyNet's Business Continuity Plan if you wish. Please contact Wildon Woolley at (806) 351-2953 if you have any questions.

Selling Properties

As an individual, private party, privately owned or publicly owned company, to sell oil and gas properties, please register as a seller.

You will complete a Seller's Agreement and be able to post your oil, gas or mineral properties through the website. Your properties will be seen by qualified buyers who are active in oil and gas acquisitions and investments. You will have the ability to offer an enormous amount of due diligence information on your properties to assist the buyer in making an informed bidding decision.

As a government agency, if you would like to lease or sell any commodities, please contact Gus Rivero at 877-351-4488 or email

Whether you perform oil and gas divestitures for your company or wish to sell an inherited oil and gas property, EnergyNet can assist you in maximizing the return for your property sale.