Government Sale Types


When bidding on a property, bids are entered as a Maximum Bid. Upon entering a bid amount, the Bid Calculator will display the total cost for the transaction. Auctions vary and bids may be per acre, or total bonus; check bid amounts accordingly as a submitted bid is binding.

Bids may not be withdrawn, retracted, or reduced.

Sealed Bids

When bidding on a sealed bid property, enter the bid amount to display the Total Cost calculation amount. To submit the bid, the user must enter a password as prompted. A green banner will appear confirming the receipt of the sealed bid. An email will be sent to the email address on file to confirm the bid has been accepted, however, no amounts will be listed in the email. It is recommended to take a screen shot of the page once the bid has been placed. The sealed bid will not otherwise be visible as activity in the user's account, as sealed bids are encrypted. A user may outbid themselves if multiple bids are submitted.

Bids may not be withdrawn, retracted, or reduced.

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Bidding on Government Listings

There are four requirements a user must meet prior to placing a bid on a Government Resource Listings property.

1. Have a valid and active Buyer account. If the user does not yet have a Buyer's account, follow the account creation instructions to create one. Click here to create a Buyer account.

2. Agree to the Bidding Terms Agreement. After the user creates a Buyer Account and logs into the site, the Bidding Terms Agreement may be accessed from the Buyer's Homepage at any time.

3. Have an adequate bid allowance for the property(ies) of interest. The bid allowance must be sufficient to cover the bid and all fees involved in the transaction.

4. Register for the individual sale, accepting the government agency terms and conditions.

How To

How to Create a Buyer Account: Buyer Account

How to Bid: How to Bid

Viewing Current Government Listings

Active offerings may be found on the Government Listings page. Government Listings are divided into sale groups. Each sale group contains one or more property from a specific agency. All properties within a sale group open for due diligence at the same time.

How to register for a government listings account

Bidding Practices and Tips

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