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Oil and Gas Property Auction Services

EnergyNet offers an easy-to-use oil and gas auction service that facilitates the sale of producing working interests (operated and non-operated), overrides, royalties, mineral interests, and non-producing leasehold. EnergyNet is a continuous oil and gas property marketplace with due diligence and bidding available 24/7/365, where auctions close weekly. Most of the properties EnergyNet sells are located in the lower 48 United States and typically range in value from $1,000 to $20,000,000. Using an Internet platform, EnergyNet allows buyers the flexibility and convenience of conducting their acquisition and divestment activities online.

Auction services include:

  • Property Preparation
  • Land Staff Support
  • Scanning of all Hardcopy Data / Electronic Data Transfer
  • Hosting Online Due Diligence Data Rooms for each lot
  • Creation and Delivery (Mailing and Downloads) of Bound Data Packages and CD-ROMS to Buyers
  • Property Marketing, Advertising and Promotion
  • Facilitate the Competitive Bid Process/ Screen Buyers / Credit Verification / FINRA suitability
  • Closing Services / Post-Sale Negotiation Services
  • Wiring / Escrow Services
  • Conveyance Documents to Seller and Buyer Recorded

Negotiated Sale Services

EnergyNet offers negotiated sale services through a sealed bid marketing approach. A private negotiated sale should be employed for properties that have significant upside potential, or in the case that a seller would rather offer the property package to a smaller set of potential purchasers. Negotiated sales are typically employed when the property package needs significant engineering and geological services to obtain maximum value. A private negotiated sale is also a great approach if you are looking for a discrete way to monetize your assets.


  • Negotiated Sales & Transactions
  • Project Packaging Recommendations
  • Secure Online Data rooms, as well as, Physical Data rooms
  • Sales Brochure Preparation
  • Information Memorandum Preparation
  • Confidentiality Agreement Execution
  • Upstream Projects: Acquisitions, Divestitures, Prospects, Land
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement Negotiations and Closing Services

Technical Evaluation

  • Reserves Evaluation & Audits
  • Economic Property Appraisals
  • Fair Market Value Determinations
  • Field Studies
  • Production Optimization
  • Geological Evaluations
  • 3D Geophysical Integration
  • Seismic Attribute Analysis
  • Risk Assessment

Prospect Marketing Services

EnergyNet also offers prospect marketing and private placement services. EnergyNet is pleased to announce our joint venture with Corridor & Associates. Our joint venture allows buyers access to carefully selected, high quality, development and exploratory projects while providing sellers access to our sophisticated investor group.

Our prospect marketing services include:

  • Competition & Worldwide Buyer Exposure
  • Value & Negotiating Leverage
  • Reserve & Economic Analysis
  • Integrated Geological & Geophysical Evaluations
  • Confidential & Secure Worldwide Marketing

Third-Party Services

EnergyNet has developed a partnership with Paladin Land Services for the following Post-Sale services:

The Seller is to provide to, LLC, all instruments to convey title to the subject Properties prior to the sale of the properties for examination by the Buyer as defined in the Seller's Agreement for the Sale of Oil and Gas Properties. By Buyer's execution of the Buyer's Agreement to Purchase Properties, we have eliminated the need for the Buyer's signature on the conveyancing document or assignment, thereby, saving both the Buyer and Seller time. EnergyNet will assign properties to only registered, accredited buyers. will process all documents for recording and will return the same to the appropriate parties.