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Millard County, UT
BLM Utah Geothermal Lease Sale, December 15, 2020


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12/15/2020 8:54 AM MST / 9:54 AM CST

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12/15/2020 9:24 AM MST / 10:24 AM CST

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County, State

Millard, UT

Legal Description

T. 19 S., R. 8 W., SLM
Sec. 13: All;
Sec. 23: E2;
Sec. 24: All;
Sec. 25: Lot 1, W2NW, SENW, W2NESW, W2SW, W2SESW;
Sec. 26: E2;
Sec. 35: NENE, W2, SESE;
Sec. 36: W2SW.



Rental (1st Year)




Administrative Fee


Lease Terms and Conditions

All bidding and lease sale on BLM parcels listed on this website shall be subject to the statutes, administrative rules and regulations of the BLM per the authority of the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 as amended and the Mineral Leasing Act for Acquired Lands of 1947, as amended.

A lease issued as a result of this sale will have a primary term of 10 years. The BLM will extend the primary term of the lease if the requirements found in the regulations 43 CFR 3207.10 have been met. Annual rental is $2 per acre for the first year (paid to the BLM), and $3 per acre for the second through tenth year (paid to the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR)). After the tenth year, annual rental will be $5 per acre. Rental is always due in advance of the lease year. The ONRR must receive annual rental payments by the anniversary date of the lease year or your lease may be terminated.

Royalty rates for geothermal resources produced for the commercial generation of electricity but not sold in an arm’s length transaction are: 1.75 percent for the first 10 years of production and 3.5 percent after the first 10. The royalty rate is to be applied to the gross proceeds derived from the sale of electricity in accordance with 30 CFR part 206 subpart H.

You will find other lease terms on our standard lease form (Form 3200-24a, October 2008)].


Stipulations are part of the lease and supersede any inconsistent provisions of the lease form. Some parcels are subject to surface use stipulations. They are requirements or restrictions on how you conduct operations.
They become part of the lease and supersede any inconsistent provisions in the lease form. See Sale Notice for stipulation details.


  • HQ-ESA: Threatened and Endangered Species Act
  • HQ-CRP: Cultural Resources Protection
  • UT-GEO-S-03: NSO – Riparian Habitat
  • UT-GEO-S-04: CSU – Riparian Habitat Buffer
  • UT-GEO-S-08: NSO – Water Bodies, Wetlands, and/or 100-year Floodplains
  • UT-S-58: NSO – Sunstone Knoll Rockhounding Area
  • UT-GEO-LN-03: Paleontological and Cultural Resources
  • UT-GEO-LN-04: Geotechnical Analysis
  • UT-GEO-LN-06: Migratory Birds
  • UT-GEO-LN-08: Mining Claims
  • UT-GEO-LN-09: Water Resources
  • UT-LN-44: Raptors
  • UT-LN-45: Migratory Birds
  • UT-LN-46: Pygmy Rabbit
  • UT-LN-49: Utah Sensitive Species
  • UT-LN-51: Special Status Plants: Not Federally Listed
  • UT-LN-52: Noxious Weeds
  • UT-LN-53: Riparian Areas
  • UT-LN-54: Floodplains
  • UT-LN-96: Air Quality Mitigation Measures
  • UT-LN-99: Regional Ozone Formation Controls
  • UT-LN-101: Air Quality
  • UT-LN-102: Air Quality Analysis
  • UT-LN-107: Bald Eagle
  • UT-LN-147: Kit Fox Habitat
  • UT-LN-156: Pollinators and Pollinator Habitat

Successful Bidder Notification

After all auctions have closed, the successful bidder will be notified via email with closing instructions, including total amount due.

On the day of the sale, you must pay 20 percent of the bonus bid; the first year’s advance rental of $2.00 per acre or fraction of an acre; and a non-refundable administrative fee of $170.00, to the BLM State Office by the close of business.

Buyer Premium

A 1.5% Buyer Premium, calculated as 1.5% of the total bonus, will be added to the cost of this lease.

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