Checkout Instructions

Steps to follow after winning a lot

  1. You will receive an emailed invoice the day the property closes. Payments may be made online via ACH with a Corporate Checking account, wire transfer, or check. Please see your invoice for payment instructions. EnergyNet must receive the funds within two business days in accordance with auction rules.
  2. After receipt of funds, we will notify the seller to ship the files to your office, if any. Please provide us with a shipping address if other than your billing address.
  3. On each property purchased, it is the buyer's responsibility to notify EnergyNet via email to ( at the time the auction ends to identify the appropriate name/entity of "assignee/grantee" to be placed on the conveyance prior to recording. Conveyances will be made only to registered and accredited buyers. A fee of $25.00 per name, per document will be charged for each additional assignee in excess of two.

If a property did not meet reserve, and you were the high bidder, a business development representative will contact you to negotiate the property. If an agreement is made you will receive an invoice and a negotiated sale agreement via email for return signature.

Conveyancing and what to expect:

Once a document has been completed with the assignee/grantee information, it will be sent to the assignee/grantee for signature (if necessary). If the document does not require the assignee/grantee signature, then a copy will be emailed to the buyer and the document will be sent for recording.

Upon receipt of the recorded document from the county clerk, a copy will be emailed to the buyer and the original will follow by U.S. mail.

Additional Information

The SELLER acknowledges and agrees that since BUYERS are not in the physical location of the on-line sale, but on the World Wide Web, the funds to purchase the property are to be received by EnergyNet's designated Escrow Bank by one of the following methods.

A. Wire transfer from BUYER'S bank or financing institution made payable to EnergyNet Services, LLC, Wells Fargo Bank of Amarillo, Texas as escrow agent.

B. Next day delivery overnight mail from BUYER to EnergyNet Services, LLC Funds must be either certified or check pre-approved by EnergyNet Services, LLC, at the Wells Fargo Bank of Amarillo, Texas made payable to EnergyNet Services, LLC, Escrow Account.

C. Hand or carrier delivered to EnergyNet Services, LLC at its offices:

7201 I-40 West, Suite 319
Amarillo, TX. 79106
Make funds payable to EnergyNet Services, LLC Escrow Account

If you need wiring instructions or assistance, please contact Lisa Weiss Toll Free: 1-877-351-4488.