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About the WSLCA

The Western States Land Commissioners Association (WSLCA) was created in 1949 as a forum for western land managers to learn from each other and educate the public about their broad administrative responsibilities. Combined, these 23 states represent the largest land owner group in the nation, second only to the federal government.

The WSLCA Mission

To create value for our beneficiaries through leadership, education and sound land management.

Today, WSLCA members and affiliates include states, industry leaders and conservation organizations who manage over 400 million acres of surface & subsurface ownership, rivers & coastal waterways. Sound land management stimulates the economy with expenditures and jobs and results in financial resources that total hundreds of billions of dollars for shareholders & beneficiaries such as public schools, educational systems and mental health institutions.

Why join WSLCA?

The Western States Land Commissioners Association (WSLCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose 23 member states represent the second largest landowner group in the nation. In the aggregate, trust lands provide a range of public and private sector economic value making them attractive for a variety of uses, including: commercial development; mining; oil and gas exploration and production; agriculture crop and livestock production; timber production; energy transmission facilities; alternative energy projects; outdoor recreation; and water development & management. The Association believes in actively managing our state owned public land and financial resources to provide maximum benefit for the constituent states' respective public beneficiaries, primarily K-12 public education.

The need for the states to share best practices and provide the highest funding for public education has never been greater. WSLCA members seek an ability to provide broader education outreach to champion the important resources managed and how their availability provides mutual economic and social benefit. Increasingly the Association is asked to share testimony or develop position statements with respect to issues such as energy development, wildlife management, water development & use, and reasonable protection of wildlife & plant species.

The occasion to interface with key policy makers and resource managers from the nation's most energy rich states can be an exceptional opportunity. Many of the commissioners and state leaders also control or influence hundreds of billions invested annually on behalf of permanent trust fund assets. Your support brings:

  • Publicity for your efforts toward funding for education.
  • Recognition as an organization supporting initiatives which fund public policy and the rights of educational beneficiaries to continue to manage their land and resources to support their ongoing needs.
  • Identity and developing relationships with the leaders of massive public land and mineral holdings: over 400 million acres across the western United States.
  • Allies to work collaboratively on common interests impacting energy production, transportation, infrastructure across public lands, and national policy.

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