Registering for BLM California Federal Lease Sale, December 10, 2020

Complete each of the sections below. When you have completed all the requirements for this sale, you will be able to access the sale.

Complete each of the requirements below to continue

EnergyNet Requirements

Action Required Buyer Registration

Action Required

Bid Allowance

Action Required

Sign Bidding Terms Agreement

Bureau of Land Management Requirements and Buyer Premium Rule

Additional Bureau of Land Management requirements will be shown here once you have completed the EnergyNet registration requirements above.

You must complete all of the above requirements before you can participate in this sale for: BLM California Federal Lease Sale, December 10, 2020. When a checkmark appears in each box, you will be able to continue. If you have participated in a lease sale on EnergyNet before, you may have already met some of the requirements.

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