Alaska Department of Natural Resources

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources offers all available acres in its Areawide lease sales. Areawide leasing allows regularly scheduled competitive sales within specific oil and gas basins without a nomination process. Offering oil and gas leases in each sale area annually allows Alaska to have a stable, predictable leasing program. In Areawide leasing, the lease legal description and acreage are determined after a bid is received on a lease sale tract. The Alaska DNR provides the lease sale tract location and estimated lease acres prior to sale. The lease award includes the final legal description and acreage for the lease.

Additionally, The Alaska DNR offers data to help you interpret and evaluate Alaska's resources as you consider participating in lease sales or evaluate leads, prospects, or discoveries. The Alaska DNR also provides a summary of the oil and gas fiscal system, information about lessees and operators in Alaska, geographic and geophysical data, and exploration activity on the Division of Oil and Gas website.

Current Alaska DNR Lease Offering

The State of Alaska lease sale includes the Alaska Peninsula and Cook Inlet Areawides, taking place in May 2022.

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Upcoming Alaska DNR Lease Offering

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Current Alaska DNR Maps

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How to Participate

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