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Mountrail County, ND
North Dakota Oil and Gas Lease Sale, May 7, 2019


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4/30/2019 2:10 PM CDT

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5/7/2019 2:10 PM CDT

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Lease No.


County, State

Mountrail, ND

Legal Description

T155N, R88W
Sec. 36: NE4

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Royalty Rate


Lease Term

5 Years (Paid Up)

Rental/Acre (Per Year)


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Important Notices Pertaining to North Dakota Department of Trust Land Lease Auctions

  1. The tracts available for lease are sold on an as is basis, with no representations or warranties regarding the quality of title, ownership, or the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the State.
  2. The tracts available for lease are subject to the restrictions found in North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) Chapter 15-05, Leasing Coal, Oil, Gas, and Other Rights ( and Administrative Rule Chapter 85-06-06 (
  3. The burden of due diligence is the bidder's responsibility prior to any auction.
  4. The lease effective date will be May 7, 2019.
  5. The royalty rate for Billings, Divide, Dunn, Golden Valley, McKenzie, Mountrail and Williams counties is three/sixteenths (3/16). All other counties are one/sixth (1/6) royalty rate.
  6. The successful bidder must make payment by wire transfer or automated clearing house (ACH) for all bonus, rental, and bidder's premium owed to the State within 7 days. The State will accept payment from only one bidder per tract; however, a bidder may make multiple payments in one wire or ACH, provided the bidder indicates which tracts are involved in the payment.
  7. EnergyNet will send the successful bidder an email after the close of the auction with the detailed payment instructions and amounts due to the North Dakota Department of Trust Lands.


W: This tract is within an area identified as essential wildlife habitat, however the Department of Trust Lands does not manage the surface.

Successful Bidder Notification

After all auctions have closed, the successful bidder will be notified via email with closing instructions, including total amount due.

Buyer Premium

A 2% Buyer Premium, calculated as 2% of the total bonus plus rental, will be added to the cost of this lease.

North Dakota Department of Trust Lands Point of Contact

Admin Officer
Susie Entzel


(701) 328-1948

EnergyNet Points of Contact

VP of Government Lease Sales
Gus Rivero


(806) 463-3616

Manager of Government Lease Sales
Brandon Savage


(806) 463-3621

Government Lease Sales Analyst
Heather Fugger


(806) 463-3619

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