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Parcel #127

Campbell County, WY
Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments, March 13, 2019


Property Schedule

Due Diligence Began 1/29/2019
Bidding Started 3/6/2019
Bidding Ended 3/13/2019 2:12 PM

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Parcel #127

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3/6/2019 12:12 PM MST / 1:12 PM CST

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3/13/2019 1:12 PM MDT / 2:12 PM CDT

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Parcel Details

Parcel No.

Parcel #127

County, State

Campbell, WY

Legal Description

T54N, R70W
Sec. 6: Lots 4-5

Gross Acres


Net Acres



1, 136, 145

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Lease Terms and Conditions

The Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners may deny an oil and gas lease to any person or legal entity which has failed to comply with any rules of the Board or any terms and conditions of any lease or other agreement with the Board.

On lands in which the State owns less than the entire interest in the oil and gas estate, a lease will be issued by the Board covering the State's interest independent of the other co-owners.

The Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners may, without prior notice, withdraw specific lands from leasing for oil and gas when it appears reasonably necessary to protect the economic or environmental interests of the State's trust beneficiaries.

All leases resulting from winning bids will be issued on the lease form currently in effect as approved by the Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners as lessor; will be issued for a primary term of five (5) years; will be charged advance rental of $1.00 per acre per year; and, will be subject to a royalty rate of 16.67% of the total consideration received for state production.

There is no assurance that there is any potential for production on any tract offered for leasing by the Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners.

Lease Stipulations

The Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners may condition the issuance of any oil and gas lease upon specific stipulations for the protection of the public, the environment, the waters of the State, historical, archeological or paleontological materials, the wildlife resources, or any of the subsurface or surface resources of the State. Summary of stipulations can be found on the attached Standard Stipulation guide.

Successful Bidder Notification

After all auctions have closed, the successful bidder will be notified via email with closing instructions, including total amount due.

Payment must be made within two business days.

Buyer Premium

A 2% Buyer Premium, calculated as 2% of the total bonus, will be added to the cost of this lease.

Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments Points of Contact

Mineral Leasing Supervisor
Tate Smith


(307) 777-6635

Senior Lands Management Specialist
Cheri Frank


(307) 777-6547

EnergyNet Points of Contact

VP of Government Lease Sales
Gus Rivero


(806) 463-3616

Manager of Government Lease Sales
Brandon Savage


(806) 463-3621

Government Lease Sales Analyst
Heather Fugger


(806) 463-3619

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