Bidders, Donors Make for Successful Auction

Avery Smith - OIPA -- June 2011

The OIPA's Oilfield Services Fundraising Auction continued its history as the association's single largest fundraiser, bringing in $460,000 during the 2011 Annual Meeting.

The amount raised marked the second-highest total in the auction's nine-year existence and brought the total amount raised well over the $3 million mark.

"The success of this auction is a direct reflection of the support our association gets from the service companies that donate items and the producers that bid on them," OIPA President Mike Terry said. "Their efforts enhance our association and give us the tools to effectively advocate for this industry at our state capitol and in Washington, D.C."

Winning bidders at this year's auction were Chesapeake Energy Corp., Devon Energy Corp., Continental Resources, Newfield Exploration, JMA Energy Company, Panther Energy Co., Unit Corporation, Chaparral Energy, Brown & Borelli and Complete Production Services.

The auction is coordinated by OIPA members Brad Foster of Devon Energy, Justin Boyd of Complete Production Services in Enid and Les Wald and Geree Wald of Plaster and Wald Consulting Corp. Darrell Noblitt with EnergyNet coordinated this year's auctioneer services.

"The service auction gets better and better each year," Terry said. "The level of support is truly amazing."

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