J.R. Resources Offers Marcellus Properties

--A&D Watch, August 1, 2011--

J.R. Resources LP has retained EnergyNet to sell certain Marcellus shale assets in Pennsylvania in a negotiated transaction.

The package includes interests 11,505.4 leasehold acres (11,012 Marcellus acres) in Armstrong, Clearfield, Indiana and Jefferson counties. The properties feature 341 operated producing wells targeting the Devonian formation. The leases feature mostly 87.5% net revenue interest.

Production is 3.7 million cubic feet of gas per day. Upside includes more than 150 undeveloped upper Devonian locations, a 332-foot lake permitted for frac water, a sandstone quarry for road material and other local assets.

The bid due date is Aug. 24. The effective date is Oct. 1. Contact John S. Munroe, 713-582-7755, john.munroe@energynet.com.

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