Installation Instructions for the DJVU plug-in

How to View and Print the High Quality (HQ) documents on uses the DJVU image format for the distribution of the high quality versions of the due diligence pages. This image format requires a plug-in, available for free from Caminova, to display the images. EnergyNet's data pages will initiate an automatic installation of the software required, however, due to Microsoft's updates in the latest Service Pack for the XP operating system, users of SP2 will be required to authorize the installation of the plug-in software.

  • When you first visit a high quality image, you will be notified by an information bar at the top of your browser as seen in the diagram below.

Djvu activex1

  • Please click the yellow bar, which will activate the drop down menu. Choose 'Install ActiveX Control...' At this point, your computer will download the file from Celartem, which may take a few minutes on a slow connection.
  • Upon completion, your computer will prompt you for permission to Install the ActiveX control as shown in the below diagram.

Djvu activex2

  • When you see the due diligence page you originally requested, you have completed the installation. You may choose to uncheck the box on the DJVU plug-in configuration to keep from being prompted in the future. EnergyNet is designed to work with the default settings of the plug-in.

If you are still having trouble or need a plug-in for a platform other than Windows, please visit to access the Caminova download page for the manual install of the DJVU plug-in.