EnergyNet Sealed Bid and Negotiated Properties

Sealed Bid Lots - Current Offerings

Lot 42755 Apache Corporation

22,708 Gross / 22,404 Net Leasehold Acres plus 2 Wells (Operations)
Lea County, New Mexico

42755 SPB Updated extended

Lot 41603 Tanos Energy Holdings

700+ Well Package
Multiple Counties in Texas and New Mexico

41603 SPB Updated

Lot 41604 Tanos Energy Holdings

44 Well Package
Caddo, Canadian, Dewey, Ellis, Garvin and Kingfisher Counties, Oklahoma

41604 SPB Updated

Lot 42872 Tanos Energy Holdings

Non-Producing Minerals
Lea County, New Mexico and Gaines & Ward Counties, Texas

42872 SPB Updated

Lot 43275 Mid-Con Energy Properties, LLC

6 Waterflood Units
Love and Carter Counties, Oklahoma

43275 SPB Updated

Lot 43039 Chevron Midcontinent, L.P.

South Cowden Field (Operations)
Lea County, New Mexico

43039 SPB V3

Lot 42547 Y-Knot Energy, LLC

Non-Producing Minerals
Reeves and Jeff Davis Counties, Texas

42547 SPB

Lot 43185 Devon Energy Production Company L.P.

Non-Producing Leasehold
Niobrara and Converse Counties, Wyoming

43185 SPB V2

Lot 43005 Marathon Oil Corporation

903 Well Package
Lea County, New Mexico

43005 SPB V2

Lot 43008 Kimmeridge Four Corners, LLC

HBP & Non-Producing Leasehold Acreage
Dolores County, Colorado and San Juan County, Utah

43008 SPB

Lot 43309 Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

Lea County, New Mexico

43309 SPB

Lot 42828 ConocoPhillips Company

155 Well Package
Blaine, Caddo, Canadian, Dewey, Kingfisher and Major Counties, Oklahoma

42828 SPB extended

Lot 42829 ConocoPhillips Company

173 Well Package
Garvin, Grady, McClain and Stephens Counties, Oklahoma

42829 SPB extended

Lot 42830 ConocoPhillips Company

300+ Well Package
32 Counties in Oklahoma and 11 Counties in Kansas

42830 SPB extended

Lot 42831 ConocoPhillips Company

220+ Well Package
30 Counties in Oklahoma and 2 Counties in Kansas

42831 SPB extended

Sealed Bid Lots - Bids Under Review

Lot 42951 White Rock Oil & Gas GP I, LLC

61 Well Package
Sterling and Glasscock Counties, Texas

42951 SPB

Lot 42875 Annastin Energy, LLC

Non-Producing Leasehold Acreage
Dewey County, Oklahoma

42875 SPB

Lot 41106 Reef Oil and Gas Drilling and Income Fund, L.P.

89 Well Package
Frio and La Salle County

41106 SPB

Lot 42854 Oil Valley Petroleum, LLC

SCOOP Leasehold Package
Grady and Stephens Counties, Oklahoma

42854 SPB NCP

Lot 40012 Merced Oil I, LLC

4 Well Package (Non-Operated WI)
San Juan County, New Mexico

40012 SPB

Lot 41166 Fasken Land and Minerals, LTD. et al

Operations and ORRI
Sterling County, Texas

41166 SPB V2

Lot 40856 Paintbrush Royalties, LLC

27 Well Package
Atascosa, Frio, Karnes and Wilson Counties, Texas

40856 SPB

Lot 41615 Target Oil & Gas Drilling, Inc.

30 Well Package
Kern County, California

41615 SPB

Lot 41136 Mustang Fuel Corporation et al

4 Well Package
Nemaha County, Kansas

41136 SPB

Lot 40298 Stone Creek Energy Partners III, LP

Term Leasehold Acreage
Lea County, New Mexico

40298 BUR

Lot 40262 Jones Energy, Inc.

15 Well Package plus Leasehold
Reeves County, Utah

40262 BUR

Lot 40821 Bold Energy II LLC

15+ Well Package (Non-Operated WI)
Irion County, Texas

40821 BUR

Lot 40285 EOG Resources, Inc.

Non-Operated WI and ORRI
Duchesne and Uintah Counties, Utah

40285 BUR

Lot 40260 Family Tree Corporation

Non-Producing Leasehold Acreage
Laramie County, Wyoming

40260 BUR

Lot 40330 Undisclosed Seller

40 Horizontal Wells (Non-Operated WI and RI)
Hughes County, Oklahoma

40330 BUR

Lot 39162 HRM Resources II, LLC

33 Well Package (Operated, Non-Operated WI, RI and ORRI)
Moffat County, Colorado

39162 BUR

Lot 40694 Castlerock Resources, Inc.

3 Well Package (Non-Operated WI)
Atoka County, Oklahoma

40694 BUR

Lot 39797 Hilcorp Energy Company

Operations, Non-Operated WI, RI, ORRI Plus Leasehold
Multiple Counties in Texas

39797 BUR

Lot 39799 Hilcorp Energy I, L.P.

Operations, Non-Operated WI, ORRI Plus Leasehold
Multiple Counties in Texas

39799 BUR

Lot 39800 Hilcorp Energy I, L.P.

Operations, Non-Operated WI, ORRI Plus Leasehold
Multiple Counties in Texas

39800 BUR

Lot 39801 Hilcorp Energy I, L.P.

Operations, Non-Operated WI, RI Plus Leasehold
Multiple Parishes in Louisiana

39801 BUR

Lot 39802 Hilcorp Energy Company

Operations and Non-Operated WI
Multiple Parishes in Louisiana

39802 BUR

Lot 40437 Dorchester Minerals Operating, LP

Non-Producing Leasehold Acreage (1,176.96 Net Acres)
Cochran and Yoakum Counties, Texas

40437 BUR

Lot 39372 Fasken Land and Minerals, Ltd.

Mabee Ranch (Operations)
Andrews County, Texas

39372 BUR

Lot 40095 Kaiser-Francis Oil Company

HBP and Term Leasehold Acreage
Laramie County, Wyoming and Weld County, Colorado

40095 SPB BUR

Lot 40011 Tellus Operating Group, LLC

Operations, Non-Operated WI, RI, and ORRI
Lamar and Marion Counties, Mississippi

40011 BUR

Lot 36744 P4 Oil & Gas, LLC et al

Nail Ranch Lease (Non-Operated WI)
Martin County, Texas

36744 BUR

Sealed Bid Lots - Sale Pending

Lot 42631 Energen Resources Corporation

HBP Federal Leasehold Acreage
Converse County, Wyoming

42631 SPB

Lot 42556 Merit Energy Company

Doe Canyon Deep CO2 Unit (ORRI)
Delores County, Colorado

42556 SPB NCP

Lot 37296 Marathon Oil Corporation

537 Well Package (Operations, Non-Operated WI, RI & ORRI)
Counties in Oklahoma and Texas

37296 SalePending

Lot 36205 Shell Offshore, Inc.

Deepwater Gulf of Mexico & Outer Continental Shelf ORRI Package
Ewing Bank, Garden Banks, Green Canyon, Main Pass Area, Mississippi Canyon, Walker Ridge

36205 SalePending

Lot 40270 Fivestones Energy, LLC

Andrews County, Texas

40270 SalePending

Lot 39477 Chaparral Energy, L.L.C.

Multiple Well Package (Operations, Non-Operated WI and ORRI)
Osage County, Oklahoma

39477 SalePending

Lot 38481 Maxus (U.S.) Exploration Company

18 Well Package (Non-Operated WI)
Offshore (GOM), Louisiana

38481 sale pending

Recently Sold Sealed Bid Lots

Lot 40834 BXP Partners IV, L.P.

HBP Leasehold Acreage
Campbell County, Wyoming

40834 SalePending

Lot 40408 Crossover Resources LLC, Agent for Branta Funding II LLC

22 Well Package
Cherokee, Liberty, Rusk and Upshur Counties, Texas

40408 BUR

Lot 41183 Bradford Gordon Master Limited Partnership

15 Well Package
40 Counties in Michigan

41183 SPB NCP

Lot 42844 K & V Rice Limited Partnership

Minerals for Lease (3,024.00 Net Acres)
Weld County, Colorado

42844 SPB

Lot 41482 Fortuna Development, LLC

Non-Producing Leasehold
Pecos County, Texas

41482 SPB V2

Lot 40847 Chevron U.S.A. Inc

Cayuga Package
Anderson and Freestone Counties, Texas

40847 SPB

Lot 38827 EnerVest Operating, LLC

Operations, Non-Operated WI, RI and ORRI plus Leasehold
West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky

38827 SPB

Lot 41473 Resonance Resources, LLC

Undeveloped Leasehold
Lea County, New Mexico

41473 SPB

Lot 40697 Fletcher Exploration, LLC

6 Well Package
Upton County, Texas

40697 SPB

Lot 40276 ConocoPhillips Company

Working Interests, ORRI and RI
Stark County, North Dakota

40276 SPB

Lot 40283 Pickens Financial Group, LLC et al

Non-Producing Leasehold Acreage
Clinton, Gratiot, Ionia, Isabella, Kent, Mecosta and Montcalm Counties, Michigan

40283 SPB

Lot 40281 Halcon Resources Corporation

Operated and Non-Operated WI, RI and ORRI
Burleson, Fayette, Grimes, Lee, Montgomery and Washington Counties, Texas

40281 SPB

Lot 39541 Four Corners Petroleum II, LLC

Non-Operated WI
Montezuma and Dolores Counties, Colorado

39541 SPB

Lot 37429 Wilbanks Reserve Corporation, et al and Mark L. Shidler

HBP Leasehold Plus Operations
Midland County, Texas

37429 SPB

Lot 39540 Hawkwood Energy East Texas, LLC

10 Well Package (Operations) plus Leasehold Acreage
Madison and Leon Counties, Texas

39540 SPB

Lot 35217- Red Sea 2012, Inc.

80+ Well Package (100% GWI w/ Operations)
Cochran County, Texas

35217 SPB

Lot 39790 Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

Operations, Non-Op WI, ORRI, RI, HBP Leasehold, Mineral and Surface Fee
Caddo, Grady and Stephens Counties, Oklahoma

39790 SPB

Lot 39159 HRM Resources II, LLC

Operated Working Interest and Overriding Royalty Interests
Campbell, Crook and Natrona Counties, Wyoming

39159 SPB

Lot 40286 BXP Partners IV, LP

HBP Leasehold (5,849.09 Gross / 5,154.68 Net Acres)
Campbell County, Wyoming

40286 SPB

Lot 40250 Monadnock Resources, LLC et al

Non-Producing Primary Term Leasehold
Yoakum and Gaines Counties, Texas

40250 SPB

Lot 39019 Staghorn Energy, LLC

40+ Well Package (Operations & 1-ORRI) plus 3 SWD
Carter, Garvin and Stephens Counties, Oklahoma

39019 SPB

Lot 38736 Apache Corporation

Leasehold Acreage plus Operations
Yoakum County, Texas

38736 SPB

Lot 39791 Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

Operations, ORRI, RI, HBP Leasehold, Mineral and Surface Fee
Stephens County, Oklahoma

39791 SPB

Lot 39130 PPC Operating Company LLC

66 Well Package (Operations, RI & ORRI)
Lea County, New Mexico

39130 SPB

Lot 38765 Caddo Minerals Inc.

Merrick Unit 1 (Producing MI/RI)
Martin County, Texas

38765 SPB

Lot 38744 CP Exploration LP, et al

67 Well Package (Operations)
Jack County, Texas

38744 SPB

Lot 39860 Dorchester Minerals Operating, LP

Non-Producing Leasehold
Loving County, Texas

39860 SPB

Lot 38368 Maxus Energy Corporation

3,500+ Well Package (ORRI)
Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Wyoming

38368 SPB Updated2

Lot 38324 Apache Corporation

Non-Producing Leasehold Acreage
Smith and Van Zandt Counties, Texas

38324 SPB

Lot 35623 Royal Wolf VII, LP

Non-Operated WI plus 17 PUD Locations
Williams County, North Dakota

35623 SPB

Lot 38436 Wynn-Crosby Partners III, Ltd.

9 Well Package (Operations)
Lipscomb, Ochiltree and Roberts Texas

38436 SPB

Lot 37436 Petrobella Energy, Inc. et al

13 Well Package (Producing MI/RI - 50.175 NMA)
Weld County, Colorado

37436 SPB

Lot 38442 Wynn-Crosby Partners III, Ltd.

9 Well Package (Operations)
Haskell, Morton, Seward and Stevens Counties, Kansas

38442 SPB

Lot 38440 Wynn-Crosby Partners III, Ltd.

17 Well Package (Operations and Non-Operated WI)
Beckham and Ellis Counties, Oklahoma

38440 SPB

Lot 36948 CCI Oil and Gas, LLC

Operations and ORRI Plus Leasehold Acreage
Colorado and Utah

36948 SPB

Lot 36242 Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Operations & Overriding Royalty Interest
Campbell, Converse and Johnson Counties, Wyoming

36242 SPB

Lot 36939 WYOTEX Oil Company et al

91 Well Package (Producing MI/RI & ORRI)
Converse County, Wyoming

36939 SPB

Lot 36657 Reef 2011 Private Drilling Fund, LP

690+ Well Package (Non-Operated WI & ORRI)
North Dakota and Wyoming

36657 SPB

Lot 37540 CP Exploration II, LLC et al

Non Producing Leasehold Acreage
Reeves County, Texas

37540 SPB

Lot 37541 CP Exploration II, LLC et al

Non Producing Leasehold Acreage
Reeves County, Texas

37541 SPB

Lot 36946 SandRidge Energy, Inc.

5 Well Package (Operations and Non-Op WI) plus Leasehold
Hughes and Pontotoc Counties, Oklahoma

36946 SPB

Lot 36752 Covey Energy Partners, LP

Non-Producing Leasehold Acreage
Reeves County, Texas

36752 SPB

Lot 35923 Murphy Exploration & Production Company-USA

Atascosa County, Texas

35923 SPB

Lot 36817 Sue-Ann Operating L.C. et al

35 Well Package (68.33% GWI / 54.67% NRI w/ Operations)
Brooks County, Texas

36817 SPB

Lot 36401 Mustang Fuel Corporation et al

2 Well Package plus 1 SWD (Operations) plus Leasehold
McPherson and Saline Counties, Kansas

36401 SPB

Six Lots Chevron

Operations, Non-Operated WI, ORRI, HBP leasehold
Various Counties in Colorado and Wyoming

Chevron 6Lots SPB

Five Lots Chevron

Operations, Non-Operated WI, RI, ORRI
Various Counties in Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle

Chevron 5Lots Panhandle SPB

Lot 36661 Discovery Natural Resources

97 Well Package (Operated and ORRI) plus Leasehold Acreage
Finney, Lane, Rooks, Scott, and Thomas Counties, Kansas

36661 SPB

Lot 36504 Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation

5 Well Package(Operations)
Colorado County, Texas

36504 SPB

Lot 35648- Marathon Oil Company

18 Well Package (Operations)
Carbon County, Utah

35648 SPB

Lot 33883 WEC Onshore, L.L.C.

9 Well Package plus 2 SWD (Operations)
St. Helena Parish, Louisiana

33883 SPB

Lot 36501 Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation

22 Well Package (Operations, RI and ORRI) plus Leasehold Acreage
Aransas County, Texas

36501 SPB

Lot 36261 Marathon Oil Company

349 Well Package (Non-Operated WI)
Hockley County, Texas

36261 SPB

Lot 36262 Marathon Oil Company

537 Well Package (Non-Operated WI)
Lea County, New Mexico

36262 SPB

Lot 35832 Marathon Oil Company

512 Well Package (Non-Operated WI)
Gaines County, Texas

35832 SPB Updated

Lot 36839 W. Scott Epley, as Agent

Producing and Non Producing Minerals plus Surface Interest
Pecos County, Texas

36839 SPB

Lot 36339 Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC

210 Well Package (Operations)
Creek and Lincoln Counties, Oklahoma

36339 SPB

Lot 36484 Chevron U.S.A. Inc., et al

Kinta Package (Operations, Non-Op WI, ORRI)
Haskell, Latimer, McIntosh, Pittsburg and Sequoya Counties, Oklahoma

36484 SPB

Lot 36485 Chevron U.S.A. Inc., et al

Haileyville Package (Operations, Non-Op WI, ORRI, MI, Surface)
Atoka, Latimer and Pittsburg Counties, Oklahoma

36485 SPB

Lot 36654 Cody Texas, L.P.

20 Well Package (Operations and ORRI)
Hidalgo County, Texas

36654 SPB

Lot 36502 Cody Texas, L.P.

23 Well Package (Operations and ORRI) plus Leasehold Acreage
Willacy County, Texas

36502 SPB

Lot 36503 Cody Texas, L.P.

12 Well Package (Operations and RI) plus Leasehold Acreage
Hidalgo County, Texas

36503 SPB

Lot 35691 Anadarko Petroleum Corp.

Operations & Non-Operated WI plus Leasehold Acreage
Burleson, Milam and Robertson Counties, Texas

35691 SPB

Lot 35990 Petrobella Energy, Inc. et al

7 Well Package (Producing MI/RI)
Weld County, Colorado

35990 SPB

Lot 35920 BHP Billiton Petroleum (TXLA Operating) Company

100% GWI with Operations plus Leasehold
Reeves and Culberson Counties, Texas

35920 SPB

Lot 35624- Royal Wolf VII, LP

Non-Operated WI plus 102 PUD Locations
Mountrail County, North Dakota

35624 SPB

Lot 33828- Yates Petroleum Corporation

Non-Operated WI and ORRI
Sublette County, Wyoming

33828 SPB

Lot 35985 Midnight Hour, LLC et al

Operations, Non-Operated WI, Leasehold
Eight Counties in Oklahoma

35985 SPB

Lot 35912 Chevron, U.S.A. Inc. et al.

Non-Op WI, ORRI, RI, Mineral Fee, Net Profit Interests
28 Counties in Kansas

35912 SPB Updated

Lot 35833 Marathon Oil Company

Non-Operated Working Interest
Pecos County, Texas

35833 SPB Updated

Lot 35568- Marathon Oil Company

Non-Operated Working Interest
Andrews County, Texas

35568 SPB Updated

Lot 35569- Marathon Oil Company

Non-Operated Working Interest
Lea County, New Mexico

35569 SPB Updated

Lot 35655- Anderson Oil Ltd. et al

2 Producing 1,280-Acre Spacing Units & 30 Associated PUD Locations
McKenzie County, North Dakota

35655 SPB

Lot 35771- Reef 2011 Private Drilling Fund, LP

70+ Well Package (Non-Op WI & 4-ORRI)
Various Counties in North Dakota

35771 SPB

Lot 35389- Annastin Energy, LLC

Blue Resort Prospect- Non-Prod Lshld
Okfuskee and Okmulgee Counties, Oklahoma

35389 SPB

Lot 33985 - Chevron Midcontinent, L.P.

Sugg Ranch, et al
Sterling, Tom Green & Irion Counties, Texas

33985 SPB

Lot 33825- Yates Petroleum Corporation

69 Well Package (Non-Operated WI)
Campbell County, WY

33825 SPB

Lot 35216- Chevron U.S.A. & Chevron Midcontinent

Operations, Non-Operated WI, RI/MI, ORRI, Non-Producing Leasehold & Net Profits Interest
Ector and Andrews Counties, Texas

35216 SPB

Lot 35086- TEL Offshore Trust Partnership

Net Profits Interest Sale
Offshore (GOM), Louisiana

35086 SPB

Lot 34775 - Crossover Resources II, LP et al

Operations, Non-Op, ORRI
Jasper, Jones, Rankin and Smith Counties, Mississippi

34775 SPB

Lot 33827- Yates Petroleum Corporation

McElmo Dome (Non-Operated WI)
Montezuma County, CO

33827 SPB

Lot 35099- Petrobella Energy, Inc. et al

Diamond Unit (NPRI)
Noble County, OH

35099 SPB

Lot 34374 - Keystone Petroleum II,LP

Non-Operated WI + Leasehold
Eddy County, NM

34374 SPB

Lot 34668 - Chevron U.S.A. Inc.

Operations, HBP Leasehold, Non-Producing Leasehold
Somerset & Fayette Counties, PA and Preston County, WV

34668 SPB

2 Lots - Buckingham Oil Interests, Inc

Non-Operated WI/ORRI
New Mexico and Texas

Buckingham 2Lots SPB

Lot 34690 - Oxy USA, Inc.

19 Well Package
Pecos County, Texas

34690 SPB Updated

Lot 34641 - Petrobella et al

19 Well Package (Producing MI/RI - 40.00 NMA)
Weld County, Colorado

34641 SPB

Lot 34035 - Chevron Midcontinent, L.P.

Operations, ORRI, HBP Leasehold, NP Minerals
Borden County, Texas

34035 SPB

Lot 33954 - Enervest Energy

137 Well Package Operated and Non-Operated WI
Hansford and Hutchinson Counties, Texas

33954 SPB

Lot 33586 - GS E&R America, Inc.

Non-Operated Working Interest
Clarke and Monroe Counties, Alabama

33586 SPB

Lot 34346 - Keystone Petroleum II, LP

32 Well Package (Operations & Non-Operated WI)
Irion County, Texas

34346 SPB

Lot 34134 - Raisa DJ Basin I, L.P.

19 Well Package (Non-Operated WI)
Weld County, Colorado

34134 SPB

Lot 33916 - Oxy USA, Inc.

59 Well Package (Operations)
Andrews, Dawson, Gaines and Martin Counties, Texas

33916 SPB

Lot 34366 - QEP Resources, Inc.

Operations, Non Operated WI, RI & ORRI plus HBP Leasehold(Non-Operated WI)
Beaver, Cimarron, Harper and Texas Counties, Oklahoma

34366 SPB

Lot 33743 - Chisholm Exploration, Inc. & Sojourner Enterprises, Ltd. et al

16 Well Package
Karnes County, Texas

33743 SPB

Lot 33950 - Shell

ORRI, RI, Minerals and Surface Acreage
Located across 41 Counties in 8 States

33950 SPB

Lot 33767 - Great Plains Operating, LLC and
Endless Mountain Energy Partners, LLC

Operations Plus Leasehold Acreage

33767 SPB

Lot 33384 - SM Energy Company

Operations, ORRI, Leasehold Acreage
Andrews, Dawson and Gaines Counties, Texas

33384 SPB

Lot 33353 - Chevron U.S.A. Inc. and Chevron Midcontinent, L.P.

Hughes - Permian Basin- Operations, HBP Leasehold & ORRI
Reagan County, Texas

33353 SPB

Lot 33607 - Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations

Aniol Unit - Eagle Ford Net Profits Interest
Atascosa County, Texas

33607 SPB

Lot 33030 - Rock Chalk Royalties, Ltd.

Eagle Ford Shale - Leased Minerals Plus 4 Producing Wells
Burleson County, Texas

33030 SPB

Lot 32602 - BHP Billiton Petroleum

Permian Basin Leasehold Acreage
Culberson and Reeves Counties, Texas

32602 SPB

Lot 33068 - Parsley Energy, L.P.

Permian Basin Leasehold Acreage
Andrews and Gaines Counties, Texas

33068 SPB

Lot 33241 - BHP Billiton Petroleum

Permian Basin Leasehold Acreage
Culberson and Reeves Counties, Texas

33241 SPB v2

Lot 32725 - Chevron Midcontinent, L.P.

Operations, RI/MI, Non-Producing Leasehold
Reagan County, Texas

32725 NCP image3

Lot 33020 - Chevron U.S.A. Inc., et al

4 Well Package, HBP Leasehold, Non Producing Leasehold
Centre County, Pennsylvania

33020 SPB

Lot 31992 - Chevron U.S.A. Inc., et al

Operations, HBP Leasehold, Non-Producing Leasehold
Clearfield and Cambria Counties, Pennsylvania

31992 NCP image